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Objective of the bootcamp

Full stack web developers and software developers remain in high demand, with global employment expected to grow much faster than other occupations in the next decade. Since 2012, the 3W Academy full stack coding bootcamp has helped thousands of students around the world efficiently learn in-demand coding skills and acquire top paying full stack web developer and software engineering jobs after graduation. Our coding courses are developed by both programming experts as well as experienced professors to make our curriculum dynamic, modern, and engaging. With the skills required for both professions constantly changing, we frequently update our curriculum to stay at the cutting-edge.

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Learning by practice

We understand how important hands-on practical experience is for landing your first job. During approximately 90% of the bootcamp you will be applying what you learn and gaining valuable coding experience. 10% of your time is spent on learning theory.

Live Training

Small groups of 15 or less, led by an expert instructor, ensure that you learn at maximum efficacy. Live synchronous video allows you to ask questions and get immediate answers – especially helpful for challenging concepts.

Evening classes

Approximately 20 hours per week are required for the bootcamp, with evening classes available, allowing you to fit the training into your life. Our students include young adults, working professionals, parents, and career changers.
Job placement
From skillset to mindset

14 Days of Job Placement Training

We include weekly sessions of soft skill classes to help you with job placement. This includes individual meetings with our mentors, psychologists and other members of the job placement team. The goal is to improve your self-confidence and soft skills so that you are ready to start your dream job as quickly as possible after graduation. We help you refine your resume, portfolio and your online presence. Interview practice is also included with our assistant team.

Learn How to Show Yourself in Your Best Light

In the modern job market, skills aren’t the only factor for landing a top job. Image management is also key. Those who manage their image well and learn how to perform a serious and focused job search will enjoy the best opportunities. We train you to present yourself in the best light possible to potential employers. From LinkedIn, to building your resume, to finding the right opportunities on job boards, you will know how to be a convincing applicant by the time the bootcamp comes to an end.

Develop Interview Self-Confidence and Expertise

The interview is the final step before landing the job of your dreams. Our simulated interviews prepare you for the challenges of a real interview so that you are prepared and confident once the big day arrives. From non-verbal communication, to appropriate behavior, elocution and more, we cover every aspect of the interview. Our simulated interviews will prepare you for both collective and individual interviews – every potential scenario you could encounter after graduation.


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